Turncoat Brewery

Kieran Roberts posted:2020-12-06

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Deployed to

hosting site logo
Home page splash of the live site
Live site desktop splash screen

project overview

The aim of this project was to build a full and responsive site for a brewing company that included a small e-commerce store as the main feature.

It should highlight the products on offer, give the users a contact option and the store should allow users to add and remove products from a cart while keeping a running total.

The items in the cart should also be preserved if the the user navigates to a different page.

stack choice

The main feature of the site is the e-commerce store which functions using js meaning I could practice my skills with this language using many of its core features such as DOM manipulation, iteration and interacting with local storage using the API's provided by the browser.

I wanted to learn how to create my own server and store my products in a database for this project hence I opted for express/mongoose using nodejs to continue my learning of js on both the client-side and server-side.

In order to keep my code as dry as possible, I opted to use ejs templating language to reuse partials that were required on several routes.


Overall this was a successful project as I believe the final product fits the brief of being responsive/modern and allows all of the necessary features requested in the brief to allow the site to be performant and scalable in the future.

Furthermore it was successful in allowing me to gain valuable experience in building a full application and the workflow that comes with it including using build tools, local servers, testing, development and deploying a small full stack application.

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